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Nov 10, 2012 1:15pm EST
. >> michael hastings actually torpedoed and the pentagon makes the parents of old america look like the french village of bohemians. it was indiscretion and fraternization somebody is not supposed to be buddy buddy with an inferior, and he was. but you have not touched upon us it is the problem of corruption and governance of all levels of the middle east. that involves the killers, the fanatic killers, the religious killers, the revenge killers. and how you deal with that. all it takes is one jerk to create havoc and community, and then the third thing in the middle east, at least in afghanistan and how you deal effectively with that. all of those things play a role. the fitness report determines who gets promoted. and that has sometimes less to do with ability and who likes you. >> is that one questionnaire? >> putting substance the makings of david petraeus. >> those are all very good questions and thoughts to pontificate. i will talk a little bit about the rule of law. helping to galvanize in afghanistan and if you read the book, we kind of traced him of his efforts to show how very diffic
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1